About the Catalog

Starting with the 2018-2019 edition, the College Catalog moved to a new platform that allows us to coordinate in print, PDF, and online versions of information about our calendar, regulations, programs, and courses. Much of the information presented here is familiar, but some of it is new, or is presented in new detail (and in the online version of the Catalog, with new interactive features).

The Table of Contents in the print and PDF editions should explain themselves. The main sections described there correspond to main pages in the online version of the Catalog. But in the Academic Regulations and individual Department and Program sections of the online edition, it is possible to navigate to various subsidiary pages and tabs that correspond to the subheadings with those sections of the Catalog. Each of these is also available as a static URL that can be copied and cited as needed in other electronic documents.

The numbering system includes various suffixes denoting credits and semesters. These remain a part of the registration system used by the College, but in the various course listings found throughout the Catalog they are only used sparingly to differentiate between courses that have different content or format but share the same number.

Course listings include the three most recent academic years of offerings at the College (including the current year). Information about the individual courses includes:

  • Number (as noted above, the suffixes explained in the Course Numbers and Symbol section of the Catalog are used only when necessary in these listings)
  • Title
  • Description (including some information about prerequisites, if any)
  • Instructor (the listing corresponds to the latest semester the given class was offered, up through the end of the current year. If the course is offered during both terms of the current year, it will be the instructor of the second semester only; if offered during a previous year, it will the most recent previous offering; if there were or will be multiple sections of the same class in a given term, all instructors will be listed. Current and Emeritus faculty members are listed by name; if the instructor field shows “staff” the course was taught by someone no longer employed at the College.)
  • Division or Domain (as explained in the section on Numbering Systems and Symbols)
  • The term this course is to be offered during the current academic year (if the field does not appear, the class is not offered in this academic year)
  • The frequency with which the course is typically offered (this information is for planning purposes; consult the host department or program to learn precise plans for future years)

Courses mentioned in the narrative sections of the departmental and program pages concerning requirements for the various credentials include dynamic links to the same detailed content found in the Courses section of each program. If a course has not been offered during the last three years, however, it will not be in the Courses section and thus will not feature linked content.

Faculty are listed in two ways: as regular members of a given department or program (according to their official academic appointment), and as affiliated members of a given department or program (as determined by any course taught by them that has been cross-listed or counts towards a credential in that department or program).