Academic Regulations

About the Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations are the master compilation of the College’s commitments, policies, and procedures regarding the academic program. Review these regulations for familiarity with curricular opportunities, to assist in the planning of an academic trajectory, and to understand the specific rules involved.

Requirements for the Degree

This section spells out the fundamental elements of the Haverford degree. It includes:

Other Curricular Options to Fulfill the Degree Requirement

This section identifies other available (but not required) components of the Haverford degree:

Physical Education Requirement

This section articulates the components of the six-quarter Physical Education Requirement.  

Academic Regulations in Detail

This section details the many finer points of the academic program:

Incompletes (INC) and Their Deadlines

This section specifies the protocol for the granting and concluding of Incompletes at the end of a semester.

Monitoring Academic Performance

This section explains the procedures by which the Committee on Student Standing and Programs (CSSP) reviews and responds to students’ academic performance.

Leaves of Absence

This section differentiates between the types of leaves: Dean’s Leave, College Leave, and Medical Leave.

Special Academic Programs

This section includes policies and programs pertaining to:

International Study

This section covers procedures for students may study abroad, and information about petitioning to add study abroad programs to the approved program list.

Course Instruction During Atypical Circumstances

Although all Haverford courses are expected to be delivered in-person, there may be atypical circumstances that warrant a temporary shift to remote instruction for some or all courses. If deemed necessary, the President and Provost would authorize remote instruction for that particular semester. With the exception of situations that require immediate remote instruction for all, faculty and students would then be given the opportunity to indicate their intent to teach (or take) their course(s) in a remote fashion.