International Study

Upon request, qualified students in good academic and disciplinary standing may be granted permission to spend a semester or a year studying in a foreign country. The College recognizes approximately 70 programs in 34 countries. Students interested in studying abroad should consult the Office of International Academic Programs early in their sophomore year, and should have a GPA of at least 3.0.

Students who wish to study abroad and receive Haverford credit may do so by applying to any of the programs on the approved list. They must complete the appropriate forms by the specified deadlines and should discuss their program and course selections with their major, minor, concentration advisor(s). Courses taken while studying on approved programs count toward fulfilling major, minor, and concentration requirements as well as College degree requirements.

Monitored by the College’s Educational Policy Committee (EPC), the list of approved programs “provides opportunities that both extend and complement the offerings of Haverford departments and answer the specific needs and wishes of the students.” According to EPC policy, students who do not request and receive permission to study abroad through the Office of International Academic Programs will not receive Haverford credit for their work. EPC will not consider retroactive proposals under any circumstances. Students who do not wish to pay Haverford tuition and/or receive credit may not attend the programs on the approved list.

In the rare case where a student may wish to receive credit for a program not on the approved list, they may petition to add the program to the list by using the following procedure:

  • Collect all pertinent information about the program, including catalogs, course descriptions, modes of evaluation of academic performance, syllabi, reading lists, and faculty CVs.
  • Present the written proposal and materials to Office of International Academic Programs one year in advance—March 1 for spring programs, November 1 for fall programs. The deadlines are firm.
  • If the program is commensurate with the programs on the approved list, the student must prepare a petition for consideration by EPC. This petition must explain why the existing approved programs do not fulfill the student’s academic needs, and how the proposed program does so.

A statement from the student’s faculty advisor endorsing the program and explaining how it complements the work of the major or the concentration must accompany the petition. The department must provide a list of approved courses fulfilling major requirements. If the work is outside the student’s major, a statement from a member of the faculty who is familiar with the program will also be required. Petitions are forwarded to the Student Study Abroad Advisory Board and the International Academic Programs Faculty Advisory Board for consultation. In order to ensure the quality of programs on the list, an on-site evaluation by a Haverford faculty member will be required before approval is granted. Faculty members who wish to add programs follow similar procedures.

Financial Aid

Haverford College meets the needs of students eligible for financial aid, whether they are at Haverford or on approved study abroad programs. Students can apply their financial aid awards toward their approved program abroad. More information may be found at: .